Heparin Consulting / Runner Processing
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Heparin Consulting / Runner Processing

We are capable of providing a full range of services for HEPARIN recovery. Our staff member Mike Weeg is in charge of this program that aims to increase revenue to our customers. This is accomplished by:


→ CIP installations to minimize bacteria and create more Heparin

→ TRAINING of operators as well as Supervisors

Consulting on Harvesting of Heparin

The  development of Heparin raw material in North America and Mexico is tied to the pork processing industry.  In 2016, approximately 2,000,000 hogs are processed WEEKLY while Heparin is celebrating its 100 Year Birthday, being discovered in 1916.

With current construction of 3+ new plants, hog processing is expected to increase by 250,000 hogs per week by late 2017

At Little Silver, we consult on two basic methods for obtaining the product

                   1.  Chopped intestine  (the entire small intestine)

                   2.  The by-product of the saving/ cleaning of “Runners”


Little Silver does more then simply deliver chemicals on time,  it has the ability to anticipate when product is needed as well as to assist the producers to obtain the best yields.

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