Little Silver was founded in 1988 and has been helping pharmaceutical companies and meat processing plants maximize their profits for more than 20 years. The advice and counsel of Allen Ross, Little Silver Corp. President, is based on three generations of experience in processing meat, processing natural casings and extracting raw heparin. At Little Silver Chemical Distributor, every member of our staff is personally involved in making our clients more productive, and more profitable.


Allen Ross: History of Little Silver

I started in the business in 1958. I was fortunate – I had a grandfather and a father who were in the casing business, so I’m a third generation. I have made sausage, I have saved raw material mucosa in the plant, I have run “runners.” I know all the industry’s “ins-and-outs” from within.

In 1974, I helped Abbott Labs pioneer the process for harvesting heparin from ground runners to mucosa. Later in 1980, I began distributing sodium bisulfite specifically to meet the unique needs of pharmaceutical clients and meat processors.

In 1981, an American head of a large pharmaceutical company came to me and inquired about distribution of sodium bisulfite to their suppliers. One of the main reasons for this business proposal was the fact that at that time this particular pharmaceutical house didn’t trust the "Big Chemical" in treating all the small slaughterhouses, which produced the raw material for Heparin, fairly. This business venture became a success. Thus, in 1988, to better serve the heparin processing industry, Little Silver Corp. was founded, becoming one of the most trusted names in Heparin harvesting and consulting. Interesting fact: we continue provide product to that same large pharmaceutical company today. It’s been a multi-decade-long collaboration.

In 2016, Little Silver Chemical Distributor is growing without sacrificing quality and the personal attention we pride ourselves on giving to our clients. We employ multi-aged and diverse staff that is ready for the future. Currently,  Little Silver services 24 plants and 4 pharmaceutical companies. Our goal is to constantly work on improving processes and technology we apply in order to increase yield and maximize our customers’ profits.

If you’re looking to improve your results, give us a call. We’re happy to provide any help we can, from free advice to long-term consultation.

Company Mission

Apply our passion and knowledge of the Heparin Industry with purpose to increase yield, maximize revenue, and provide exceptional service for our customers.

Family business

In the 1920s, Allen’s grandfather founded Hygrade Food Products, which eventually grew into one of the largest meat processing companies in the U.S. At Hygrade, Allen learned the meat business from his grandfather and father, purchasing cattle in Nebraska, managing a slaughterhouse in Chicago’s stockyards, and then running his own sausage company in Detroit.



Allen founded Little Silver in 1988 to help pork processors and pharmaceutical companies improve their heparin yield and return. As a pioneer in heparin production, Allen is always available to provide expert advice – from small changes to improve yields to designing processing lines to harvest casings and heparin.

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Account Management

Rob has worked with Little Silver since 2002. Rob is responsible for introducing new technologies and processes to continually improve customer service. In addition, Rob sets up new client accounts, creating an agreement based on client needs, arranging initial logistics, and coordinating TankLink implementation.

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Customer Service

Lynn has worked with Little Silver since 2001. She is responsible for much of the day-to-day contact for product orders and accounting. Lynn also manages delivery logistics, coordinating with chemical wholesalers, transportation companies, truck drivers, and clients on a daily – often hourly – basis.

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Operations Manager

Mike has 30+ years experience in runner and mucosa collection. He works closely with clients in the field maximizing yields with both products.

With his exceptional mechanical skills, Mike Weeg also has experience with operation layout and design while providing expertise in tank link installations and upgrades.

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Team Little Silver
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